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NEW & IMPROVED. [November 13th 2005]

Okay, so here's the deal; this place is a complete mess. I decided about a week ago to make a new hilary_pics because everything here is so unorganized and all the posts aren't locked, and I really don't feel like going through and deleting those. This place is gonna closed in about a week, so if you want, go through all the posts and save the pictures you want, and go join the new & improved hilarypics.

If the current affiliates of this community, want to keep hilarypics as an affilaite, comment here and let me know.

[November 7th 2005]

Just 4 Icons. I'm not very good at making icons lol but take if you'd like :)



[November 6th 2005]

This is from a recent magazine..

Celebrities Weigh In..Collapse )

I particularly think that they got Lindsay's and Hilary's weights mixed up. I don't think Hilary weighs 95lbs, but maybe in the 105-112lbs area. Lindsay is the one who looks sickening.

Is it just me or do yall think that Hilary is always behind the other celebs? She seems like the outcast and that she always does everything last. I bet you in about 3 months she will be back up to 130lbs. There is no way she lost that weight from cutting out french fries and stuff. I miss plumper Hil.
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[November 3rd 2005]

Hilary @ Glamour Women of the Year AwardsCollapse )

I think she looks really good.
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[November 3rd 2005]


new halloween pictures [November 1st 2005]



go here http://gallery.oh-hilary.com/categories.php?cat_id=545 ... to see pictures of hilary at haylies halloween party


[October 29th 2005]


"Beat Of My Heart" Video Premiers!!

Wake up, wake up, Team Hilary!!! "Beat Of My Heart" is the new single from Hilary Duff off Most Wanted and the video premiers are coming up soon! Mark your calendars because "Beat Of My Heart" will premier on AOL and iTunes on November 8th, followed by its MTV debut, premiering on TRL on November 9th. Here's a sneak peek with some exclusive new photos from the video just for Team Hilary!

And after the video debuts on TRL, let the voting begin! We'll have some fabulous prizes for the top voters, so stay tuned for your next Team Hilary update to get the scoop.

What else is Hilary up to? She's on the cover of Cosmo Girl magazine in November, she'll be performing on the American Music Awards on ABC November 22nd, and she'll be ringing in the new year on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve!

Pictures from the new videoCollapse )

source: TeamHilary.com
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[SORT OF]MOD POST//OFFTOPIC [October 27th 2005]

I was getting pretty annoyed at the number of entries we're getting of graphics; and in these entries, you arent including any pics of Hilary. This is supposed to be a picture community, not a graphics one.
So lovelyprototype, Ashley, is this against the rules, or no? Please tell me. =)
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[October 26th 2005]


More @ glamour__icons
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I'm Not Sure if these are new but I've never seen them before [October 17th 2005]

The Rhythm of Love the feeling of sound..Collapse )
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10 hilary icons; 1 header [October 14th 2005]

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my first batch of icons and my first official post
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

what i'm standing on is s i n k i n g in...Collapse )

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[October 13th 2005]
I went to Walden books and saw this magazine with Hil on the cover. Its called "Sweet 16" I guess. I have never heard of it before.

The rest of the scans are hereCollapse )
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[September 30th 2005]

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I was kind of bored last week so i made these for my community but I t hought i'de post em here too.

Hilly stuff and a nice legal picture or two to matchCollapse )

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[September 26th 2005]

Hilary, Haylie, and Taylor Hoover. Element, in Hollywood. 9/24.

Check it.Collapse )
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[September 23rd 2005]

new candidsCollapse )
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[September 18th 2005]

3rd Annual Pre-emmy Party, With JoelCollapse )
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18 icons & 2 headers [September 18th 2005]

4-Hilary Duff
6-Ashlee Smipson
8-Degrassi Icons
1-Hilary Duff Header
1-Instant Star Header


Only at My icon Journal 

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My icon Journal [September 18th 2005]
Hey what the heck, Check it out.

My icon Journal.......party_icons

[July 22nd 2005]


Read the rules and then go join. =)
If you'd like to be affiliates with hilary_pics, comment here.
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