i'm a free bitch baby (steph0) wrote in hilary_pics,
i'm a free bitch baby

"Beat Of My Heart" Video Premiers!!

Wake up, wake up, Team Hilary!!! "Beat Of My Heart" is the new single from Hilary Duff off Most Wanted and the video premiers are coming up soon! Mark your calendars because "Beat Of My Heart" will premier on AOL and iTunes on November 8th, followed by its MTV debut, premiering on TRL on November 9th. Here's a sneak peek with some exclusive new photos from the video just for Team Hilary!

And after the video debuts on TRL, let the voting begin! We'll have some fabulous prizes for the top voters, so stay tuned for your next Team Hilary update to get the scoop.

What else is Hilary up to? She's on the cover of Cosmo Girl magazine in November, she'll be performing on the American Music Awards on ABC November 22nd, and she'll be ringing in the new year on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve!

i miss fat hilary although, i think she looks pretty good in these.

source: TeamHilary.com
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